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Global Marketer is the record-breaking, award-winning, ass-kicking team of marketers who are often told we're too passionate, we care too much, we work too hard, we have too much fun, we're launching too many campaigns and at least once a month we're doing something that's not supposed to be possible...


Welcome to the team :)

Glam Nguyen Global Marketer About Us 400
GM BRAND Logo 500x80 WEB.png


Hi I'm Glam, and it's wonderful we get to connect!

I'm the Founder of Global Marketer. And if you're here, chances are you, like me, believe marketing can change the world, empower businesses, generate wealth, create success, connect people, spread a message, start a movement... and we're here to make it happen.

Through our digital marketing classes, courses and Think Tank, we have the opportunity to work together to create the business, the career, the lifestyle you love as a Global Marketer.

And if you're reading this wondering... is that all really possible?

The answer is yes, if you're willing to make it happen.

Here's how it all started for me...

8 years ago I was a designer who didn't even know what a landing page was . . .

One's a legend, one's a genius, one's both :D

from Melbourne to LA to Monaco to Senegal!

YOU rock!

Then I discovered digital marketing... and it skyrocketed my success. 

At 20, I had the sheer good fortune of meeting incredible mentors at The Coaching Institute who owned successful businesses, ran successful teams, and created successful brands that completely dominated the markets they were in...

I took every opportunity I had and invested everything I could into learning everything I could...

Then as the business grew, we started travelling the world to every mastermind we could find, every digital marketing course we could get our hands on, invested hundreds of thousands of dollars (and to this day it's the best smartest most profitable business decision we've ever made) because it was clear to us... this is where the world is heading, and we needed to get there first!

Together we built this phenomenal team and culture - we're called the Dream Team - where we cultivated our knowledge and formularised our success. And pretty soon we were learning, growing, pushing boundaries, breaking records, transforming the industry, and moving so fast we were achieving results that the masterminds we were going to said should be impossible!

What's more...

Brand new marketers joining our team would thrive to rise and shine as our next marketing superstar in their first 90 days... when we share what we're doing with successful business owners and entrepreneurs they light up, and sure enough a few weeks later they're bragging to me about the wins they never thought possible... frustrated leaders and managers I talk to are mystified, amazed or simply stunned about what we were achieving...

As the calls started coming in of people wanting to work with us, for us, learn from us, train their teams with us... I knew it was time we share our formula for success with more people.


Then 2020 happened...

And in 4 days we pivoted to 100% online with the critical imperative of somehow replacing over half of our revenue. That month our sector plummeted by 60%. That same month our business grew 25%.

And it has done so every month since...

This is our new normal: we have more leads, more clients, more people joining us from more countries globally than ever... Our members are more engaged, more active, and their feedback has been more positive than ever (and we started with 4.9 out of 5 star reviews!)


We have so many leads we had to hire more people! 


(We're still hiring more! Click here to apply)

And frankly we thought, if there was ever a time, regardless of everything else we have going on, now is the time for us to share what works... 

So many businesses out there need this. 


So many people could benefit from this.

There has never been a better time. A more important time.


And perhaps that's why you're here,

because you know it's your time...

Global Marketer is designed the for driven business owners, marketers, managers, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to leverage the full power of digital marketing to get you the leads, the sales, the results you should be getting... now.


Join me on our next digital marketing classes, courses and Think Tank, and together let's help you leverage every Global Marketing capabilities and digital marketing strategies you can access to navigate these changing times, seize new opportunities, fast-track your results, accelerate your success, and do your greatest work.


Let's make it happen...

Us taking

JP to his

first ballet

in NYC ❤

we rock!

Just Me!

Sharing what works :)