Digital Marketing For Business Owners

I want to generate more leads...

Global Marketer helps you gain the skills and strategies behind successful digital marketing campaigns that put you in front of the right people, at the right time, with the right offer... and shows you how to systematically test, measure, improve, innovate, and outperform every benchmark you have until the only challenge you've got with leads - as many of our members do - is that there are too many! Start by exploring our Global Marketer Think Tank here...

I want to convert more sales...

Generating leads is only first step... Global Marketer helps you with email marketing skills, online advertising campaigns, remarketing tactics, and sophisticated relationship-building strategies that make online sales easy (and automatic!) Often as we start working together, we tend to find there is plenty of business that many business-owners and entrepreneurs are leaving on the table right now without some simple but foundational systems in place... and those are the easy wins we start with. Start here by exploring Global Marketer Think Tank

I want to pivot online...

Now is the time - and I'm so glad you've found us! Global Marketer helps you master both the creative thinking necessary and the technological systems required to step-by-step establish your brand online (and if you're up for the challenge, not only that in the same go position yourself ahead, seize new opportunities, disrupt the status quo, and permanently gain market share) Digital marketing and online sales is no longer a nice-to-have or a I'll-get-to-it-one-day in 2020, it's a business imperative.

Unfortunately client list is currently full, however, we do make time for a 30-min complimentary strategy session with every person who joins our client waitlist. Many have found this 30-min strategy session alone to be pivotal for their business.

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I want to scale systematically...

This is how you begin to create your ideal lifestyle, without compromise, as a Global Marketer. We help you accelerate your success through digital marketing tools and technologies that enable your business to reach more people, generate more leads, convert more sales, create more offers and grow globally with systems that makes your results sustainable, your cashflow predictable, and your team accountable. Start here by exploring Global Marketer Think Tank

I want to hire someone to do it all...

As the business-owner it's important that you have reliable resources delivering results you can count on. Global Marketer's mission through our digital marketing classes, courses and Think Tank is to empower a generation of smart, talented, experienced, knowledgeable and qualified digital marketers to meet growing demand. Personally we receive many requests to hire Global Marketer team directly to work with you on your digital marketing results - and as such we have started a small and select Global Marketer client list.

Unfortunately client list is currently full, however, we do make time for a 30-min complimentary strategy session with every person who joins our client waitlist. Many have found this 30-min strategy session alone to be pivotal for their business.

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"This is the world's best marketing consultancy team for 0.1% of the cost... one tip just from the LIVE video we can immediately implement will help increase our sales by 50%. This is an extra $20K - $40K per event!"



Digital Marketing For Managers & Executives

I want to train my team up fast...

Global Marketer helps you strategically and systematically train your team to get good at digital marketing - so good they are independently delivering results in 90 days, and not only doing it but actually thinking through what they're doing to make sound strategic decisions that you don't feel the urge to double-check in the middle of the night. Beyond the training, we also help you identify and develop talent in your team to make sure you are putting your time and effort where it's appreciated, and where it will get you a result! Start here by checking out one of our free digital marketing online classes

I want to increase leads and reduce ad spend...

Best practices in your digital marketing performance means that more leads at less cost is not only doable, it's actually the only logical outcome of the time, effort and resources you invest in your marketing. So how do you do it?
Most digital marketing takes a scatter gun approach, and digital marketing training is often fragmented by niched specialty (SEO guy, online ads gal, social media person, web guy, the one who writes all the email...) Global Marketer helps you make the most of every advertising dollar through our trainings and courses by showing you how to strategically integrate and cross-pollinate every marketing touchpoint you have to compound your impact and give you more leads for less spend. Start here by exploring our Global Marketer Think Tank

I want better marketing systems...

That is great thinking! Over the years we found that the help managers and executives often want with systems isn't necessarily a consultant telling them what systems are required (because 9 out of 10 times they already know!) but somehow actually getting it done, rolling it out, getting people on board... in between all the competing urgent priorities. So that's the help we decided we would provide with Global Marketer. Unfortunately our client list is currently full, however, we do make time for a 30-min complimentary strategy session with every person who joins our client waitlist. Many have found this 30-min strategy session alone to be pivotal for their business. Click here the join Global Marketer client waitlist now

I want less reliance on me...

Once you get to a certain level in management, leadership and entrepreneurship - this becomes the #1 ultimate goal of anyone thinking smartly about business (and the #1 goal that even the best of the best can find difficult to achieve) Global Marketer helps you acquire valuable digital marketing management knowledge and understand digital marketing team behaviours and psychology through our classes, courses and Think Tank. Having access to Global Marketer resources and systems also mean less reliance on individual talent and more reliance on evidence-based and result-based systems that work. Start here by exploring Global Marketer Think Tank

I want more competitive strategies...

Global Marketer helps you be the first with the best digital marketing ideas, the latest digital marketing technologies, and the biggest wealth of tools, templates and resources to make it happen - faster than your competitior ever thought possible. Winning competitive strategies isn't about gaining an edge, it's about building insurmountable barriers to entry that your competitors can't hope to match - and you don't do that with just one good idea, you do that with constant access to the Global Marketer system of ideas, improvements and innovations. Start here by exploring Global Marketer Think Tank


"I had wasted thousands of $$ on consultants trying to get into digital marketing myself - when I should have just read the manuals and done the first #MakeItHappen training..."



Digital Marketing For Professionals

I want to learn digital marketing skills...

Very smart move. Digital Marketing skills are growing exponentially in demand and I'm so glad you're here to get the right education, experience and expertise to fast-track your success. Global Marketer classes, courses and Think Tank are designed to give you access to the latest in digital marketing education, the most practical in professional experience, and the best of the best digital marketing expertise based on real-world results. Rather than learning just one narrow niche of technical skills or relying on one guru's opinion, as a Global Marketer, you stand out and stand in-demand with a wider breadth of digital marketing knowledge, deeper understanding of digital marketing psychology, and higher level of strategic business thinking. Click here to reserve your spot the next Global Marketer class for free

I want to start my own digital marketing business...

Starting a business is the adventure of a lifetime - and if there was ever a time to start a digital marketing business, it's right now. Stand on the shoulder of giants with Global Marketer's decades of results-based and evidence-based strategies, systems, tools, templates and resources in building zero to million dollar businesses - so you get to skip learning it the 'hard' way and start doing it the right way from the get-go. Start here by exploring Global Marketer Think Tank

I want to become an expert and influencer...

The best experts and influencers aren't actually the ones with the 'raw talent', the 'right connections', or even the most amount of likes and followers... they are the ones adding the most value, sharing a message that matters, working the hardest and smartest and most consistently at leveling up their digital marketing tools, tech, and knowledge to stay ahead of the game. Global Marketer has helped trained, mentored and produced some of the most successful experts and influencers across various industries in Australasia and yes, as with everything we do, there is a strategic, step-by-step, tried-and-tested and tried-and-tested-again system to it all. And we figured its about time we start sharing it with the world, and with you :) Start here by exploring Global Marketer Think Tank

I want to get more done in less time...

You're my kinda person :) and while others may tell you to slow down, you're doing too much already, you're working too hard... Take it from the team who's constantly told they're doing too much, moving too fast, launching too many campaigns, and frankly, breaking too many records... we say, you rock :) I think if you're here on Global Marketer, researching this, learning more... you're awesome, and you've got so much more in you. So how do you do it? The obvious 5 components to the Global Marketer productivity formula (which you probably won't find in the self-help books) are: 1. Automation 2. Systems 3. Leverage 4. Calendar 5. Spreadsheets I'll run a class on it for you soon. In the meantime, start here by exploring Global Marketer Think Tank so you don't miss out on the class

I want the freedom and lifestyle of a Global Marketer...

You're definitely my kinda person :) Mastering digital marketing skills not only give you much sought-after set of experience and expertise in today's world, it also give you the freedom and choice of a location independent lifestyle and business. You can be anywhere in the world and still generating leads online, converting sales automatically, building leveraged income and connecting with a global market. It's a journey that takes plenty of passion, determination and hard work along the way - but you wouldn't be here if you weren't up for the challenge.

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"Marketing used to be something I would avoid... and now thanks to Global Marketer I have fallen in LOVE with marketing. I now have a complete plan of action ready to achieve my 2020 vision. 


If you are putting off marketing as you don't feel it's your strength or you're not sure where to start, please reach out for help and call the Global Marketer team."


Not sure where to start?


And it's FREE! Which makes it quite possibly be the simplest, smartest, sexiest business decision with the highest return and the lowest risk you could probably make today :)

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