Tue, 28 Jul | Virtual Workshop

How to Pivot Online in 2020

In 3 days we’re going to unpack the exact step-by-step strategy to help you successfully, effectively and profitably pivot online in 90 days.
How to Pivot Online in 2020

Time & Location

28 Jul 2020, 6:00 pm – 7:02 pm AEST
Virtual Workshop

About the Event


In 3 days we’re going to unpack the exact step-by-step strategy to help you successfully, effectively and profitably pivot online in 90 days.

Here’s exactly what we’ll action together over this 3-day virtual workshop...

A successful pivot strategy has 3 critical components:


AKA. You don’t know how good you are yet…

Day 1 of the telecast we’re going to workshop together a 5-step exercise that defines your competitive edge. These are the exact 5 steps we have repeatedly applied to become the leader in multiple businesses across multiple industries from coaching, publishing, education, to car washes, importing, and marketing.

By the end of Day 1 you will have started on a complete competitive strategy that sets you apart in your industry…

Which sets you up for success for Day 2, when we’ll dive into the second component…


AKA. You don’t know good it could be yet…

While 2020 has placed plenty of limitations on how you can do business, connect with your market, generate results… Pivoting online also abolishes many limitations on your business and give your product new advantages that are complete game-changers if you know how to tap into them.

There are 3 major advantages we will specifically unpack and workshop together on how you can apply them in your own business, starting that night.

Which takes us to Day 3, when we’re going to map out…


AKA. You may not know how good you are yet, and you may not know how good it could be yet, but you’re gonna know EXACTLY where to start… because I’m gonna show you how.

Together, we are going to map out your 90 Day Online Pivot Plan with specific action steps, translating all the Digital Marketing strategies you've learnt in the last 2 days into profitable outcomes for your business... and we’re gonna start making it happen now.

Because NOW is the time, and you don’t want to be the one missing the boat, waiting for the new normal…

You want to be the one CREATING the new normal.

This is our new normal:

When COVID hit, in 4 days our coaching and education business pivoted to 100% online, with the critical imperative of somehow replacing over half of our revenue. That month our sector plummeted by 60% in Australia. That month our business grew 25%.

And it has done so every month since…

This our new normal:

We have more leads, more clients, more people joining us from more countries globally than ever… Our members are more engaged, more active, and their feedback has been more positive than ever (and we started with 4.9 out of 5 star rating)

We have so many leads we had to hire more people!

And frankly we thought, if there was ever a time, regardless of everything else we have going on, now is the time for us to share what’s working online…

And that’s how this class came about.

So many businesses out there need this.

So many people could benefit from this.

There has never been a better time. A more important time.

And perhaps that's why you're here, because you know it's your time...

Go ahead and click the button now to reserve your spot.

It’s completely FREE.

And even more than that, the opportunity cost of NOT doing this…

Of missing out, and falling behind while the competition gets the first mover advantage over you…

You want to be the one ahead of the game.

The one already making it happen while everyone else hesitates.

So if that’s you, you’re awesome, and we’re gonna do some great work together.

Click the button below to reserve your spot now, and I’ll see you on the other side.


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